About us



Years of experience in the marketing, media and event industry

Focus on logistics & mobility

Extensive network of partners & idea drivers

About her:

Her passion lies within inspiring people and recognising alongside promoting potential in order to achieve common goals. She is passionate about networking, innovative projects and organising events with added value, always with the aim of not losing the common thread. Her focus is on digital transformation in a dynamic and mobile industry. Birgit feels at home in the media and event industry, particularly in the logistics and mobility sector. Communication and serious information on relevant topics are particularly important to her, as is the creation of serious, high-quality reporting and information with added value. She strives to provide in-depth insight and real added value in every area she explores.

"Lifelong Learning" is more than just a phrase for her - it is her programme. 

Some of her milestones:
  • University course for event communication
  • Academy for Sales, Marketing and PR
  • Event marketing as a strategic tool
  • Emotions and change communication, communication psychology
  • Currently studying for an MBA in Digital Transformation at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, specialising in
    digital business, leadership transformation, data-based business processes, knowledge and innovation management,
    strategy and change management, HR management.

She enjoys inspiring people and recognising and promoting potential in order to achieve common goals.