Impressions Opening Night Becommunity 2024


The annual theme of the Independent Logistics Society, "Digital Confidence", took centre stage at KitchenTalk4.Experts from various fields discussed the importance of trust in the digital world while making tasty tramezzinis and highlighted the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation for the logistics industry.

The importance of digital trust: A holistic view

In the discussion about digital trust, it became clear that this topic encompasses far more than just technical aspects and also has a geopolitical dimension. The experts emphasised the importance of awareness of digital backlogs in companies and understanding the origins of digital technologies, especially those used to protect and handle sensitive data.

Understanding community management in the world of digital technologies and handling data sensitively

Media competence and trustworthy digital communication, especially in social networks, are also crucial for networks. Equally important for digital trust is careful data maintenance, which should be carried out across teams, including regular updating and validation of master data. In addition, the strategic use of digital tools is crucial for reaching the right target group.

More on the topic of Digital Confidence - The Motion of Things & Human Emotion

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