"Those who not only see change, but also play an active role in shaping it, will be ahead in the future."

Birgit Edlinger


Logistics and mobility in the spotlight

Logistics is not just the transportation of goods - it is the heart of the economy, synonymous with progress, mobility and infrastructure. BeCommunity puts the spotlight on the exciting aspects and innovations of this sector.

 Your navigator for successful network management and
innovative marketing solutions!

We are at home in the world of media, logistics, transportation, infrastructure, mobility and alternative drives. BeCommunity stands for expert advice and know-how in marketing, event marketing, network management and new work. We find individual and integrated solutions for our customers - and show that digitalization is no longer just hype.

Our core products:

Network management | Strategic B2B-Networking
Impact | Event communication |  Event scouting
Communications management | Media consulting (analog & digital)


VISION: Living cooperation!

We are convinced that the optimal interaction between people and technology is the key to success. Our vision? The focus is on serious content and communication - both online and in real life. Through the comprehensive analysis of organizations and networks, BeCommunity contributes to future fitness, strategically conveys information to relevant target groups and always remains open to new (tech) adventures.

We are not lone wolfs. Together with innovative partners, we are constantly developing strategies and tools for future-oriented solutions. Everything we do follows the holistic method.

With strategy towards our goal

BeCommunity creates awareness for logistics, transportation, infrastructure and mobility. By addressing stakeholders in a targeted manner, we achieve the establishment and expansion of relevant networks in these key areas for you. And: we give sustainable projects and innovations a strong voice across all channels.  

Structured planning, the cool mix of reputable media and sustainable content - analog, digital, everywhere. Cooperation instead of competition, because together we create sustainable connections and innovative projects!

Our Skills, our Values

Personal exchange, empathy, lifelong learning, ethics, innovation, curiosity and resilience are our guidelines.

BeCommunity brings together professionals from the entire (event) marketing process. We analyze your target groups, find the best customers/partners for you and create customized campaigns.

For us, it's about more than "just" a service - it's about building a community that not only listens to your content, but celebrates it as well!


Partners & Customers